Friday, July 2, 2010

A Knock On The Door

Here's my acceptance letter!

This morning, Brian and I were woken up by the UPS man knocking on our door. What was this special package that woke us up early on our day to sleep in? My offer letter and employment from my new job!!! That's right, on Thursday afternoon, I was offered a job with Lash Group as a Patient Case Coordinator!! When the hiring manager called me to offer the position, she asked if I would need time to think about it. I immediately said no and that I accepted the offer, she laughed because I was so quick with my answer.

While I was on the phone still with the hiring manager, I grabbed my keys and drove to see Brian at work. I didn't want to tell him over the phone, I wanted to see his face when I could tell him that I got the job we had been praying for and that he could start school on time. He was pretty speechless and thrilled! I called my mom at work and the lady that answered the phone screamed, she was so excited for us. My mom kept calling me all day long, yelling into the phone "You finally got a job!" I called a few of our closest friends, Brian's mom and my grandparents who were all simply thrilled for us.

God knew what He was doing all along. Not having to work as soon as we moved here allowed me to get our home in order, learn the area of town better, get involved in volunteering at our church, meet new people, cook dinners for my husband and lots of other things. It allowd me to spend more time with my mom when she came in town also.

So, with this being a holiday weekend, I am going to enjoy these next four days off with my husband and some friends. I'll enjoy this holiday weekend with a sense of peace that finally I have the job we have been praying for and patiently for, well trying to be as patient as possible. Have a great weekend everyone!!

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