Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Waiting Game

Waiting patiently is something I am not good at! For Christmas, I'd always try to find where my gifts were hidden, for Easter, I'd peek where the eggs were, even now I try to bypass waiting patiently. However, over the last few years, I've learned more that what God has planned for me is totally worth for. Doesn't mean that I am more patient, just more accepting of the fact that God knows what he is doing and has everything figured out for my life.

One of the main things Brian and I have been waiting for here lately is for me to get the right job. Not just any job, but THE job. The job where people are friendly, work is challenging and enjoyable, benefits are available and where I can help to support our little family. I've been on countless interviews for jobs in Charlotte since we decided to move. I've even had a few job offers, but turned them down after praying about them and realizing that they weren't the right fit for a number of reasons. I've applied for literally hundreds of jobs, called HR departments and hiring managers, utilized any connections I could find, but still haven't been able to nail down the right one. I interviewed for one last week and after I left the interview, I had a gut feeling that I would get the job. I even delivered hand written thank you notes the next day! That was last Friday, I still haven't heard anything. Still waiting....

Another thing we are waiting for is to start a family. We really wanted to get pregnant on our honeymoon or be pregnant for our first anniversary. But, it is now July 1, 2010. Meaning, we have been married for almost 19 months and still have no baby. We've been to different doctors and tried a few infertility treatments. Nothing too serious, but stressful nontheless. But, after we moved here it became obvious to me why we hadn't had a baby yet. We would have never moved if we had a child to take care of now. I would have never moved away from my parents, my brother and our friends in Atlanta. God knew this, he had it planned all along, I just had to realize why it hadn't happened yet to appreciate his reasonings.

Atleast while we wait for these two major things, we are surrounded with wonderful people in our liwes. Brian is so supportive and encouraging and more than I could ask for in a husband. We have multiple friends who have dealt with infertility that are encouraging and great examples to look forward to. Our families are always lending support as often as they can. So, if I have to wait to land the perfect job, and wait to start our family, I can do it!

This feels like the calm before the storm, Brian and I both feel like something wonderful is going to happen soon. Something wonderful happened today, an answer to some prayers that we had no idea how they would get answered, got answered. Just another reason to wait patiently and to wait on God.

I opened my Bible up the other day and this was the first verse that caught my eye
"Don't worry about anything, instead pray about everything. Tell God
your needs and don't forget to thank Him for His answers." Philippians 4:6

Perfect for any day that has doubt in it


  1. Thank you for your words - I needed to hear this today, especially the verse from Philippians.

  2. Everything always works in God's timing. That's how He intends for it to be and that's how He allows you to grow spiritually. I had to learn that the hard way and it's something that I still find myself struggling with, but I'm getting a lot better at it! You should read the book "The Power of Positive Thinking" by Norman Vincent Peale. This is one of my top few favorite books and I learned so much from that book and think about it almost daily (and it's been years since I have read it!) In the meantime, you and Chimi and being lifted up in prayers over here. Love ya!