Monday, July 5, 2010

Celebration of Freedom!

With yesterday being the 4th of July, of course freedom was on my mind. Brian and I went to a new church since our regular one was taking a break for the holiday weekend. Boy, did we miss our church! The service we went to yesterday was about the end of the world. Totally not what we were thinking about on the 4th of July! So, after that service, my dad called and told us to listen to our Atlanta church, North Point Community Church and Buckhead Church, to hear our senior pastor there, Andy Stanley. His message was just wonderful and made me even prouder to be an American.

It was a weird holiday for me because it was just Brian and I. This is the first year I have been away from my parents, other than the time my Mom and I were in Mexico on a mission trip. I'm used to taking pictures on the back porch with my family, having a barbecue with them and then all goint to see fireworks. Instead this year, Brian and I enjoyed a holiday to ourselves. We went hiking, to the lake, made a great dinner and went to see fireworks. It was a great first holiday in our new city!

Now it's time for the real world to begin. That's right, my "vacation" from being a working woman is finally over! Tomorrow is my first day at my new job with Lash Group. I haven't gone to work in almost 7 weeks, let along picked out an outfit for work (At my old job, we had uniforms). So, I am a little nervous about picking it out. Oh how I wish we had some more friends here! I could so use the help of another female to pick out the perfect first day outfit.

So, I am exiting this period of freedom from having all the free time I could ever want, to having the responsibility of a job. With this though, comes other types of freedoms and new challenges. Meeting new people, learning a new position, bringing home an income, and making a difference in the lives of the people we work for. I'm pretty sure the drive to work tomorrow will be a little nerve wrecking for me. It's going to be awesome, and it's great to see everything falling into place.

Well, that's enough blogging for now. Time to get back to cooking for the week, today I'm making homemade smashed potato soup and chicken paella, so I can take lunch to work. And, I still need to find that perfect outfit! Say some prayers for a great first day, please!

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  1. Congrats on the new job!! I hope that you love it and that it's so wonderful - you deserve it!! Glad to hear you had a fun fourth too!! Sometimes it's nice to start traditions of your own, even though it's sad and hard to be away from family.

    Have a great day today!! You should take a picture of your fabulous first day outfit so we can see :)