Wednesday, July 7, 2010

6:15 Wake Up Call

My Congratulations Flowers From Katie G!

Tuesday I started my new job with Lash Group as a patient case coordinator. I couldn't be more thankful for this job! Now that I look back on the past few months and think about the frustration that came with job hunting, interviewing, turning down other jobs and being rejected for others I really realize why that all happened. When I was searching, it was hard to understand why I wasn't getting calls back or better offers. There were many times when I asked God why it was things weren't working out yet. And now I know the answer. God was preparing this job for me, he had this perfectly picked out and was just waiting for the time to be right for me to start.

This isn't just any job, it is a job that I am proud to say that I have. A job that I want to tell people about and one where I am excited to go to work. From the first interview with them, I had a feeling that this would be a great fit for me. The people I work with are all so friendly and helpful. We have a workout facility on site, a cafe for breakfast and lunch, kitchens on each floor with soda fountains, great views of both lakes, walking trails to use during lunch time, it's just a great place. Even our dress code is great! We can wear tennis shoes, t-shirts and even jeans if we want. They really strive to make the office culture comfortable and welcoming for everyone involved.

For my first day of work, my awesome husband got up super early on his day off to make me a great breakfast and then I was even more surprised to get to my car and see a card he had written for me. Am I lucky or what?! This was just a great start to my first week at work. It only continued to go uphill from there.

It's been weird adjusting to a work schedule. I am used to going to bed around midnight or later, and then getting up about 7:30. Now, I try to be in bed by 10:30 so I can up at 6:15 so I can have breakfast and be out of the door by 7:45. I get home around 6pm, so even that is great.

While it was difficult at time to wait for this job to be ready for me, I know now that God had it hand picked for me and to benefit our family. It meets all of our needs, and not only that, but it is a happy and healthy work environment for me. It's all we prayed for and so much more. So worth the wait!!!


  1. Once again, I am so happy for you! I hope you are still enjoying it just as much, if not better, than the first day! Sounds like such a great place to be, and you're right - this is just another way to prove that everything happens in God's time. :-)

  2. That's awesome! I am so happy for you!