Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We're Finally Home

Brian and I have grown up with the understanding that your home is where your church is. While growing up, both of our families chose where to live in Atlanta based on the churches we were called to attend. Our faith and being active in church has always been a huge part of our lives.

After moving here in May 2010, we started going to a church that was about an hour away from us. The services were good and it was connected to our church back in Atlanta. However, with his school and work schedule, it wasn't a great fit. So after about 6 months, we switched churches and tried out on about 5 minutes from our house. This church was good, but we still felt like something was missing.

Three weeks ago, Brian said he'd like to go to a service of a church we had both heard about in the Charlotte area. We hadn't heard a lot about them, just about their name. So, we did some research online and decided to try it out the next day.

After the first song, I felt like we were home. The people were so welcoming, the music was incredible and the sermon was unforgettable. We both still remember the verses that the pastor spoke about. On our car ride home, we were both so excited! We couldn't stop talking about the sermon, the people, the music, the church's involvement in the community, the married couples group we had just signed up for.

Brian then told me that he had been thinking that after he finishes school he was thinking we should move back to Atlanta. He said that was because we had not been able to find a church here we felt called to go to and that was too important not to have here. However, after leaving that service and learning about that church, he knew God was telling us to stay here and get involved here.

Since our first time going, we've joined a Bible study group, volunteered in Love Week (where over 50,000 hours were served in Charlotte to local organizations that needed assistance) and have taken friends there with us. More are coming the next time we go. We have to miss this weekend because we will be out of town and we are bummed about that.

While the other churches are all wonderful churches and we have friends that go to both, this was the right church for us. That's what I think is important; to find the church that has the same values you do, that challenges and encourages you to grow in your walk with God and one where you can get plugged into and become a part of it.

After searching for almost 20 months, it feels so comforting to know we have a church here we can call home.

Our New Church

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