Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Missing Busia

My Busia(grandma in Polish) passed away last week. She had 83 years of life here on Earth and now is up in Heaven watching over all of us. She lived those years gloriously. Living through World War II, meeting the love of her life, my Dziadzia(grandpa in Polish), raising 6 beautiful girls, watching them get married and start families of their own. She was a wife, a mother, a Busia, a great grandmother, an aunt, a sister, a mother-in-law, a best friend, a confidant, and a follower of Christ.

She was fiercely devoted to her family. She lived for us. All of my cousins have great Busia stories. From sneaking fruit roll ups out of her pantry, to sleep overs at Busia and Dziadzia's house. To Easter egg hunts and helping her in her beautiful gardens. My brother and I used to go there after school and wait for my parents to pick us up. It was a treat. We'd get to watch the Disney Channel and Busia would cook dinner for us lots of times. She was a marvelous cook.

She loved her faith. I always remember Busia praying. Saying the Rosary, praying a novena, talking to us about church. For my wedding she gave me a Rosary. She gave all of her granddaughters rosaries before we got married. My Uncle Den spoke about how she learned to turn her worries into prayers. What a lesson she taught us all.

She was glamorous. My cousin, Anna, and I were talking about how she reminded us of a movie star when we were little. She had a makeup desk in her old house. It had tons of eyeliners, eye shadows, makeup brushes, perfumes, you name it, Busia had it. Busia always had a new outfit for a fancy occasion. I remember when she picked out her dress for our wedding. She was so excited about it. She had more jewelry than anyone I know. She was always so put together.

She loved to celebrate. Every holiday, birthday and anniversary she would send a card to everyone to celebrate their special day. Family get togethers were no small fete in our family. Christmas Eve often had 60+ people to celebrate together. We'd sing Christmas carols in English and Polish, eat wonderful Polish food and really focus on the meaning of Christmas. Holidays were always special with Busia around.

Busia instilled in all of us what a family really is. Yesterday, I had the privilege of taking my Dziadzia for a walk in the gym. We talked about Busia and their life most of the time. He told me how he misses every single thing about her. How when he saw her for the first time it was love at first site. How she was his dancing partner for life. And how proud she would have been that our entire family came together to celebrate her life and her new life in Heaven. He said she always had a way of bringing our family together. She always will be able to bring our family together. Even through the tough times.

She still manages to bring us all together, from near and far to laugh, cry, eat and celebrate life. Busia will be remembered for years to come. So, even though Busia isn't here in the physical sense, her love, laughter, devotion and spirit will live on in the Jess family. After all, her and Dziadzia created it, and like the priest said, we are The Polish Kennedy's.

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